Marcello Tarantino was born in Pentone, Italy where the influence of his two grandfathers, both tailors, ran through his early life. At the ripe old age of seven, Marcello’s mother declared his destiny: to become a master tailor. He was trained in perfecting the most painstaking techniques of tailoring, tutored on the intricacies of fabric and provided with more than ample hands-on experience.

After arriving in Canada, Marcello’s more passionate side compelled him to pursue the fine arts. Studying sculpture, drawing and design at the Ontario College of Art, he brought his fascination with perspective, dimension and texture to his well-established love for the tailor’s craft. The study of pure design awakened his admiration for the disciplines of Savile Row. But in his heart, he knew that only passion could raise the skill of impeccable tailoring to the art of expressing personal style. Marcello opened his first shop in Yorkville in 1972, moving to his present location in 2018.