Each suit requires about 50 hrs to complete.
Marcello closely supervises the work at all stages.
He helps clients select their fabrics and makes
individual patterns based on the clients measurements.

Marcello insists on a minimum of three fittings,
and at each one the client tries the new garment.
Each garment is inspected, the fit, lapels, button holes,
stitching, cuffs. Both he and the client are looking
for the same things. Beauty and absolute perfection.

Marcello Tarantino opened his doors in 1972, about the
time when Yorkville was being transformed from hippie
haven to exclusive shopping district. Toronto’s oldest
operated BESPOKE tailor shop and one of the most exclusive.

The guy who buys a bespoke suit is a rare individual,’ Tarantino says.’He has no problems with money. He wants to dress well. He appreciates quality. He is not a follower. He has his own style. He’s found what he looks best in and he doesn’t change.’